Brian thought he had an agreement to buy a nice piece of real estate. However, it seems the seller disagreed. When he learned that he had undervalued the land, the seller turned his back on the deal, and demanded more money from Brian. In the meantime, Brian had spent thousands of dollars in preparation for closing. The seller's actions left Brian holding the bag. That's when he came to see us.


Even though the seller disagrees, a deal is a deal, and the law is on Brian's side in his case. He complied with all his duties under the contract, forcing the seller to do the same. It is no excuse that a better deal may come along, and the seller will have to live true to his word and abide by his agreement.


The law holds that a buyer of real estate such as Brian has the right to be made whole after suffering a breach of contract by the seller. That means that Brian had two choices available to him. First, he could sue the seller and ask the court to order him to go through with the deal; that is, for enforcement of the contract. The other option, which is the one Brian chose, was to seek recovery of all the expenses he incurred in pursuing the transaction. That amount ended up being in the tens of thousands of dollars. Be that as it may, it will be sweet justice that Brian be made whole after the seller's greed caused him to get cold feet.