Meeting with the Clients — Real Estate Law in Sandusky, OH

The role of a competent attorney is to serve your best interests. As a fallout of the economic downturn we have experienced over the last 10 years, many homeowners are finding themselves under threats of foreclosure. You need an attorney to advocate for your rights!


  • We answer all of your questions
  • We provide legal representation on your behalf
  • We protect you against the banks
  • We help you stop foreclosure proceedings
  • We can help you with reduced income adjustments
  • We defend you against mortgage fraud
  • We assist you with land use project legal services
  • We provide legal oversight for selling or buying property

Remember, you need legal protection to stop or reverse foreclosure processes and to renegotiate loans. The banks do not serve your interests, but the McGookey Law Offices are here to serve you and protect you. Call us today to get free mortgage advice concerning your mortgage!