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McGookey Law Offices is pleased to announce a new series of articles and videos entitled “Can I Sue My Bank?” This series continues the mission of our Consumer Mortgage News and Foreclosure Stories to educate and inform homeowners, whether they are having mortgage problems or not, about the fraud inherent in our mortgage collection system. Certainly the adage “forewarned is forearmed" is no truer in any other context than this. Awareness of your rights as a consumer can be the difference between saving or losing your home to foreclosure if you're running into difficulty.


The good news is that there are laws on the books that can level the playing field for homeowners fighting for mortgage justice against multi-trillion-dollar Wall Street Banks or smaller institutions alike. The bad news is that these laws are little known and even less understood. The intention of the "Can I Sue My Bank?" series is to bridge the information gap and provide homeowners the information they need to understand these laws and use them to their advantage.


When one thinks about it, what better way is there for anyone to protect themselves against illegal victimization than to pursue their right to sue for damages? This is especially true when those damages include all costs of the suit and attorney fees. Such is the case under these new laws. And after all the battering a homeowner often takes at the hands of the mortgage company, simply for trying to keep his or her family in the home, being able to turn defense into offense is indeed sweet justice. 

So, we hope you will stay tuned to this series. We believe you will find it useful and enjoyable. 

Daniel McGookey, author of Consumer Mortgage News, is a lawyer of 36 years.  His firm, McGookey Law Offices, LLC, has offices in Columbus, Lorain and Sandusky, and represents homeowners with real estate and mortgage issues throughout Ohio.