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Mortgage / Foreclosure Problems?

Dan McGookey and Kathryn Eyster of McGookey Law OfficesLet Us Help!

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Dan McGookey, the founder of McGookey Law Office, LLC has been practicing law in Sandusky for over 35 years.  Over the past four years, he has focused the practice on the brand-new area of law, "securitized mortgage loan defense" (not simply foreclosure defense).  Because loan securitization, a process legalized only a little over a decade ago changes dramatically the way the banks, who do not own, yet control the loan, handle mortgages, The McGookey Law Office has successfully defended dozens of foreclosure cases, keeping families in their homes.

McGookey Law Offices, LLC offers a wealth of experience in defending against and asserting claims involving foreclosure fraud. With over 47 years of combined experience in business, banking, and commercial litigation law, McGookey Law Offices is uniquely qualified to save your home, or should you so choose, to get the walk-away option that best fits you. We have offices located in both Sandusky and Columbus, Ohio.

Feel free to call us: 419-502-7223 (Sandusky, OH) or 614-444-5476 (Columbus, OH) to schedule a consultation in order to discuss your options.

The Columbus and Sandusky offices stand ready to assist with Mortgage Services, Pre-Foreclosure Assistance, Government Mortgage Programs, Foreclosure Defense, Loan Modifications.


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