I have only known Daniel McGookey for a short time, but his integrity proceeds him and he genuiely wants to help people, especially those who have been victim of mortgage fraud. Dan takes the time to research their circumstances and he uses credible resources so that his clients not only avoid the terror of foreclosure, but secure their home investment at the loss of fraudulent lenders. If you know anyone finding that things are "getting tight," have them set up a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL consultation with Dan to see if they need to pursue steps to save their home and get their life back.

- Gina H:

38 Years of Real Estate Success!

The Lake Erie Shores and Islands area is a thriving community, and McGookey Law Offices is representative of it. We offer the full range of real estate services, from preparation of home purchase agreements, to commercial transactions, to land use and zoning matters, and more. As with our community, we invite you to Grow with Us!
Whether your real estate needs are personal or professional, McGookey Law office is fully equipped to provide top quality service, including:
  • Purchase Agreements, leases and land contracts
  • Litigation
  • Zoning applications & appeals
  • Real Estate development
  • Real Estate financing
  • Zoning, land use & permitting
  • Foreclosure defense & mortgage modifications
  • Bank fraud
Grow with Us!
Looking to invest in our area? You need look no further than McGookey Law Offices to fill your legal needs. For thirty-eight years, we have successfully helped commercial clients navigate the potentially troubled waters when investing their hard-earned dollars. Whether its purchasing or leasing an office building or manufacturing plant, developing vacant land, rezoning an area, obtaining the proper permitting, or gaining government funding for your project, McGookey Law is here to help.
For most people, their home is their biggest financial investment. Why let matters to chance? Protect that investment by seeing McGookey Law Offices. For those in the home market, whether buying or selling, we offer preparation or review of purchase agreements, leases and land contracts. Also, we can bring peace of mind by investigating “hidden issues”, such as title defects, zoning or encroachments. Be assured all is well with McGookey Law Offices.
With over thirty-eight in business, McGookey Law Offices has handled a wide variety of matters involving real estate disputes in court. Breach of purchase agreement, lease or land contract, zoning, encroachment, adverse possession, foreclosure and easement issues are among the stable of cases handled. No one wants to end up in court! But if you do, consider McGookey Law Offices.
McGookey Law Offices is among the leaders in the State in helping homeowners and their families fight foreclosure and stay in their homes. For over five years, Dan McGookey has authored two weekly articles published online on the subject, Real Estate Stories (formerly Foreclosure Stories), and Business and Real Estate News, (formerly Consumer Mortgage News). In addition, he has helped consumers raise the bar of evidence needed for banks to foreclosure through several significant court decisions.
Within the past several years, the federal government has enacted laws to protect homeowners from abuse by their banks. These laws may not only provide the homeowner a great means to defend foreclosure, but also to collect damages for a bank's wrongdoing. Contact McGookey Law for a complete review of your situation. You may have rights that you had no idea existed!
Sometimes, real estate issues cross over to general business matters. If that is the case, we stand prepared to meet your needs. Our experience runs the gamut from handling the sale and purchase of multi-million-dollar business, to business disputes (including litigation), to start up enterprises, to stock or unit holder agreements, to contract preparation or review, and beyond. Put your matter into capable hands with McGookey Law Offices.
Your insurance company is always happy to take your premium money. At that point, it seems like you're their best friend. But does that friendship disappear when you have a claim? Many people have discovered that unhappy truth. And even if you're company seems like it may be treating you fairly, how can you be sure? The answer is McGookey Law Offices. We can carefully review your policy to make sure that you are getting what you deserve with your insurance claim. Don't sell yourself short by settling for less!

Why McGookey Law?

Whatever stage of life you are at, whether you are buying or selling a home, commercial real estate or a business, it is part of life's growth process. McGookey Law is ready, willing and able to meet your legal needs along the path of life. Grow with Us!